Printing is one of the fastest evolving industries on the planet, and that’s why Artech Images Inc. is so passionate about keeping up with constantly advancing printing technology. At Artech Images Inc., we’re constantly innovating, looking forward, investing in the future and reviewing our current operating procedures so we can offer clients the very latest in flexo plate making and processing technology.

Utilizing our expertise with plates and printing will ensure that your project is ready for printing faster, for less money, and always meets expectations. Don’t fall victim to the costly retooling process after discovering an error. Trust the team at Artech Images Inc. to help you create the ideal proofing process for your brand.


At Artech Images Inc. we are proud to offer DuPont Cyrel digital plates. We carry the largest variety of DuPont Cyrel plates, including the renowned Fast and solvent products. These plates are remarkably durable and provide the freedom to push the envelope with eye-catching designs that inspire awe.

In the past, we’ve received countless rave reviews of the results DuPont Cyrel plates provide, specifically in regard to the balance of solid ink coverage and high-quality halftones. Available in various thicknesses, DuPont Cyrel plates are compatible with solvent-based, water-based, alcohol, and many UV inks. Low dot gain, sharp details, and fine highlight dots are what contribute to engineering such brilliantly printed images.


Plates are essential in the printing industry because they are the surface your image and/or text will be printed. In keeping with the promise of high-quality printing and plate services, Artech Images Inc. offers the Kodak Flexcel NX Flexographic plate. Producing high-resolution, superior-quality printing, this plate technology overcomes many of the common limitations of existing flexographic plates.

The Kodak Flexcel NX has time and time again proven that it can effectively and relentlessly combine large-format applications with high volume, bringing vast benefits for the client in the most efficient manner possible — all while minimizing waste. The Kodak Flexcel NX plate produces full-amplitude, flat-top dots, which ultimately results in less dot gain on press and a sharper image. Capable of imaging dots as small as 10 microns, the possibility of producing “offset quality” becomes a reality.

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Every plate we make undergoes rigorous testing, measured against the highest standards in the printing industry. Our team enforces meticulous quality demands and our well-established workflows and processes ensure complete customer satisfaction, job quality, and accuracy every time.

You want high-definition images and inspiring designs that sell more products and endear your product to potential customers. Don’t take risks with an inexperienced printer — choose Artech Images Inc. for all of your plate-making and printing needs.

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