Our prepress experts provide a range of services to ensure a smooth transition from design to print production.

Prepress plays a crucial role in ensuring that the artwork and design files are properly prepared for print production, minimizing errors and maximizing the quality of the final printed output.

Artech Images Inc. discovers and resolves issues before your project goes to press, ultimately saving you valuable time, as well as helping to avoid the costly expense of a reprint.


  • Preflight
  • Production Art Assembly
  • Pre-press Consulting
  • Final Production File Preparation
  • Graphic Optimization for Flexo and Other Print Processes
  • Shrink Sleeve and Label Elements Distortion
  • Trapping, Colour Correction and Imaging Imposition.
  • Step and Repeat


Kodak Approval: Also known as the “Dot-for-dot” proofing system, this operation enables clients to take advantage of the most accurate proofing system possible. Introduced in the 90s, the Kodak Approval system was revolutionary at the time, providing the most accurate proof. However, the operation was expensive and took longer to process orders. For these reasons, the method is not as widely used, but Artech Images Inc. still provides this valuable service for those in need.

Epson: The Epson proofing method provides each client with a prototype version of the final printed product. The goal is to provide the most realistic version of the print possible in order to review the proof for accuracy and quality before making a heavy financial effort to send the proof to mass production. This type of proof allows clients to review folds, content, graphics, pagination, borders, bleeds, perforations and scale. Artech Images Inc. offers both Epson Inkjet and Colour lasers for your fastest, most cost-effective proofing requirements.

3D Proofing: We will create a 3D (PDF) file from the final artwork and packaging specifications, which can be easily emailed. This will allow your customer to preview their final package before committing to the expensive production process.


High-quality barcodes in a wide variety of symbologies. Simply provide us with your required coding information, and our expert team will create a high-precision barcode file (eps).

  • UPC A
  • UPC E (zero suppresses)
  • EAN
  • ITF
  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • and more

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From concept to the final product, our experienced and talented team of production artists helps every client to manage prepress projects. Our experts dive into the finest details of a design. We consider colour separations, printable bar code verification, screen angles, colour correction for special digital outputs and so much more. Contact Artech Images Inc. right now to learn more about our industry-leading prepress solutions for all professions and industries.

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